Types of verification


A person may not be allowed to hold positions of responsibility in a company if he is a declared bankrupt. Employer may wish to do a bankruptcy check on the candidate especially for role that requires frequent travelling or business dealing as many countries limit the activities of an undischarged bankrupt

Civil Litigation

When two or more parties become embroiled in a legal dispute rather than criminal sanctions, civil litigation is the result. The court system will then decide on the rights of the parties. Candidate involves in civil case may damage the reputation of the Company.


A search of criminal record across the country’s Court systems. Some industries such as one providing Security services may require candidate to have a clean record. Some countries due to privacy law and human rights legislation, may not allow access to criminal history records. However, in some of these countries, we are able to offer an alternative criminal activity search with information from proprietary sources and public databases.

Credit check

Most often, credit checks are used for candidates who apply jobs that deal with money. Bank, Accounting firms and positions where confidentiality is important are the types of employers who may seek credit verification. Ensuring the employees are responsible and ethical is important when comes to hiring for positions that require frequent handling of money.

Directorship / Business Interest

To verify if the candidate holds a director position or as shareholder of a business which may potentially result in conflicts of interest with potential employer.

Educational Qualification

Verify the authenticity of the candidate’s educational qualification, dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information, ensuring the hire of qualified person with the proper skillsets for the required position. Remuneration may also be tied and benchmarked with educational qualifications.

Employment History

Verify the facts provided by candidate on their employment history, such as dates of employment, position held, reason for leaving and remuneration. This show the honesty and integrity of a candidate, as well as verifying candidate’s credential and working experiences.

Global Sanctions

Searches in a database compiled and provided by various international agencies which contains individuals who may be involved in money laundering, terrorist activities, illegal criminal activities, fraud against government agencies and fugitives from justice. Company will not want to risk hiring people in these categories.

Identity Check

To verify the authenticity of a candidate nationally recognised Identity card, to confirm if the person is who they claim they are, reducing the risk of employing illegal persons.

Professional Memberships

Verify candidate’s membership with specific professional organisation or body, ensuring the candidate has the right qualifications to practice in the specified profession. In some industries, this may be a prerequisite for candidate to be considered for a particular position.

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