Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to inform the candidates that I am requesting a search on them?
It is important to get consent from the candidate before conducting the search to ensure we do not violate the privacy of the candidate. Most Institutions, Companies and Statutory bodies require candidate’s consent before disclosure of information to third party. It is unlikely the candidate will object to signing a consent form when requested by potential employer. On behalf of the company we can contact the candidate to sign off the consent form.


Once I make the payment, what is next?
Once payment is made, below will follow:

  • Our verification officer will contact you within the next business day.
  • You are to provide us the necessary candidate’s document such as copies of NRIC, education certificate, resume, required for the verification.
  • Our verification officer will contact candidate to sign off a consent form allowing us to use his personal data for verification.
  • Verification starts now and reports will be send to you via email upon completion.


Is the information provided kept confidential?
Yes, we do not trade nor sell any personal identifiable information provided to us by our clients.
Your information is only intended for screening purposes and at times shared with our overseas screening partners who have signed a non-disclosure agreement with us.


The search I required for the specific country is not found in your verification list
There can be a few reasons:

  • The country’s law and legislation forbid disclosure of personal data such as criminal records.
  • Some countries do not disclose certain personal information to third parties. Such Information can only be requested and collected by the individual. For such cases where our verification officer is unable to authenticate the information directly, we will not offer the search as we cannot eliminate the possibility that information has been tampered with.


When the Search returned a “No record found”, do I still need to pay?
Yes, as service is rendered to perform the search.


Why does the report read ‘Unable to Verify’?
There can be a few possibilities:

  • The candidate’s record is not found in the database.
  • The company does not keep records.
  • The records have been archived.
  • The company no longer exists.
  • Company does not disclose personal information.
  • Failure to obtain a response from the company or institution after five attempts.


Why do I still need to pay when the report shows ‘Unable to Verify’?
Services have been rendered and effort have been made to contact the relevant party.


If my candidate has a maiden or prior name, will there be additional charge?
Yes, the service fee will be charged twice, as each verification is based on per name search.


Why does the search take longer than the turnaround time stated in your site?
This may happen to ‘Employment History’ and ‘Educational Qualification’ verifications as there will be scenarios where the situations are not within our control, however, for such cases we will provide the chronology of events, for you to understand the delay which is usually from the respondent and not from our verification team.


Why are there some information not reported in the ‘Employment History’ report?
All companies have their set of HR policies which include what to reveal and what not to reveal during an employment background check. Some companies do not reveal remunerations and some will only verify candidate’s employment period with the company. As such, we can only verify whatever information given to us by the companies.


Can I request the proof of verification/execution from Straits Screen?
Our report produced for you is based on the information we received from the respective parties. We do not amend/add/delete any information gathered from or during the process of verification. If you require proof of execution for specified purpose, additional charge of S$50 per verification applies.


How secured is your site?
Information is transmitted and secured using SSL and our site is protected 24 x 7 against cyberattacks.


What are the payment options ?
Please refer to payment link:

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